Saturday, June 30, 2018

Health Benefits of Regular Aerobic Exercise and a Moderate Diet

Based in Iowa, Kevin J. Carr serves as vice president of Southeastern Community College in West Burlington and guides the full range of non-academic operations. A sports enthusiast, Kevin J. Carr enjoys jogging and playing sports such as basketball and pickleball in his free time. 

The benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous and well documented, and begin with the positive cardiorespiratory effects of making the heart pump oxygenated blood at an elevated rate. This encourages aerobic metabolism, with efficient delivery of oxygen throughout the body encouraging health-positive cellular level reactions. 

As aerobic exercise becomes a regular part of the daily and weekly routine, endurance builds, as well as the capacity to work out at a higher speed and intensity. Toning muscles, it also helps burn calories in ways that eventually help shed excess pounds. 

One thing to remember is that aerobic workouts are only effective in weight management when combined with mindful eating habits. Ideally, sessions of between thirty minutes and an hour of moderate-intensity aerobic workout should be complemented with a diet that centers on consuming fresh, healthy ingredients in moderate portions.