Thursday, August 16, 2018

Volunteering at the Burlington Area YMCA

A resident of Burlington, Iowa, Kevin J. Carr serves as the vice president of administrative services and chief financial officer at Southeastern Community College. Alongside his career in Iowa, Kevin J. Carr contributes his time to Burlington Area YMCA as president of the organization’s board of directors.

The Burlington Area YMCA provides a wide range of programs that benefit the body and mind. The organization focuses particularly on programs that promote social responsibility and encourage healthy habits.

To achieve its goals, the Burlington Area YMCA relies on the efforts of volunteers who generously donate countless hours to help run its programs. Volunteer positions include youth sports coach, group exercise instructor, marketing assistant, and annual support campaigner. Volunteers can serve on a long-term or short-term basis.

Individuals interested in contributing their particular skills to the Burlington Area YMCA may visit to read the full volunteer brochure and learn more about the various programs or call 319-753-6734 to discuss details with a staff member.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

YMCA Child Care Programs

Kevin J. Carr, the vice president of administrative services for Southeastern Community Collegein West Burlington, Iowa, also serves as president of his local YMCA. Since 2018, Kevin J. Carr has helped the YMCA meet its programming goals on multiple fronts.

All over the country, the YMCA helps parents take care of their children through a variety of child care programs. These programs, staffed by childhood development experts, help children explore new things and receive care in a safe, trusting environment. They also provide opportunities for children to learn and grow, including homework help and skill development.

For young children, the YMCA offers full-day and partial-day child care, ensuring that parents can work and be confident their children are taken care of. Children in these programs can also participate in the Early Learning Readiness Program, providing experiences similar to preschool.

For older children, the YMCA provides after school childcare. For children dealing with food insecurity, these programs also offer healthy food in addition to academic enrichment.